5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing April 2022

There are some big horror movies releasing April 2022, including a new Sony Marvel adaptation, another atmospheric indie starring Noomi Rapace, and plenty of Netflix and Shudder originals. Along with a host of stylish indie offerings, there's something for every type of horror fan this April.

5 Biggest Horror Movies Releasing April 2022April 2022 is a stacked month for horror movie releases, featuring Hollywood blockbusters, streaming originals, and promising indie offerings with a lot of buzz. The following list narrows down the slew of titles coming out to the 5 biggest, ordered by release date. You might be wondering where Robert Eggers’ The Northman is, but all indications point to the director’s new Viking epic as more of an action/thriller than his previous horror-themed projects.

Whether you have a Shudder/Netflix subscription, plan to go to theatres, or like to relax at home with a VOD purchase, there’s a big horror movie releasing in April 2022 to suit every type of scary movie fan.

Now that April has passed, make sure to check out our biggest horror movies releasing in May 2022 article, and if you’re after some more great movie suggestions, check these out:


Releases April 1 in US theatres.

MORBIUS - Final Trailer (HD)

After suffering many delays due to issues arising from the pandemic, Morbius has finally released to a very mixed reception. Jared Leto (Blade Runner 2049, House of Gucci) stars as the titular Marvel Comics vampire villain-turned-anti-hero. Hopes were not high for this Sony-produced take on Michael Morbius’ origin story, and the critical reception displayed on Rotten Tomatoes seems to confirm that Morbius is a dud.

However, the audience score on RT is kinder to the horror-tinged superhero flick, mirroring the split reception to Sony’s Venom. This might not be enough to convince those who were underwhelmed by the trailers. However, that doesn’t stop Morbius from being one of the biggest horror movies releasing in April 2022. It might not bring jump scares or psychological thrills, but the vampiric themes are the closest we’ve got to horror in a modern Marvel cinematic adaptation. Until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness releases, that is.

You Won’t Be Alone

Releases April 1 in select US theatres.

YOU WON'T BE ALONE - Official Trailer [HD] - Only in Theaters April 1

After the recent release of Lamb, Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus), is becoming something of an indie horror regular. You Won’t Be Alone has similar folklore vibes, taking inspiration from Macedonian mythology, with filming taking place in the region. The cast even uses an old Macedonian dialect. The premise seems just as interesting as the film’s construction, featuring a shapeshifting witch named Nevena who infiltrates a small village, curious as to what it’s like to be human.

This curiosity does not go well, and Nevena ends up donning the face of many villagers. Noomi Rapace is the most internationally recognisable cast member of the Goran Stolevski-directed movie, but Sara Klimoska, Carloto Cotta, and Alice Englert also star. The trailer displays a fantastical tone, almost like a dark fairytale, giving off a very The Witch feel to the production. You Won’t Be Alone is yet another big horror movie releasing on April 1, 2022. It seems like great counter-programming for audiences after a slower, more introspective offering than Morbius.

Choose or Die

Releases April 15 worldwide on Netflix.

Choose or Die | Official Trailer | Netflix

Choose or Die sounds like a modern Goosebumps tale, so Netflix seems like the perfect place to reach interested audiences. The basic premise sees the recently fired Kayla (Iola Evans) unerth an old decision-based computer horror game from the 1980’s with a $125,000 prize attached to it. Kayla starts playing, and soon realises that her decisions are affecting reality. With choices like “His tongue? Her ears?” leading to some Saw-esque grizzly situations.

Toby Meakins makes his feature film directorial debut with Choose or Die. If the trailer is accurate, it seems he’s crafted a fun horror flick with some gruesome visuals and throwbacks to 80’s video games. Nightmare on Elm Street fans should at least get a kick out of Robert Englund’s cameo playing himself if nothing else. The fun premise and mega-platform of Netflix definitely make it one of the biggest horror movies releasing April 2022.

The Cellar

Releases April 15 in select US theatres and worldwide on Shudder.

The Cellar - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

The Cellar is for all you haunted house and supernatural horror fans out there.

Elisha Cuthbert (House of Wax, The Ranch) stars as Keira Woods, who moves into a countryside manor with her husband (Eoin Macken) and two children. As the title would imply, there’s something creepy about the house’s cellar. The tension ramps up when Keira’s daughter goes missing not long after the family moves in. This Irish production doesn’t seem to be moving the horror needle, but Cuthbert’s scream queen status, and the traditionally eerie, isolated setting could be a winning combination.

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair

Releases April 22 in US theatres and VOD.

We're All Going to the World's Fair | Official Trailer | Utopia

Probably the smallest film with the most buzz on this list of biggest horror movies releasing in April 2022. We’re All Going to the World’s Fair combines a coming-of-age-tale with creepypasta horror in a found footage style. Jane Schoenbrun makes her feature film directorial debut about teenage Casey (Anna Cobb), who vlogs about taking the “World’s Fair Challenge”, an MMO horror game. Casey’s life spirals out of control soon after, losing herself between dream and reality.

Having already debuted at Sundance, We’re All Going to the World’s Fair has been met with great critical reception for its portrayal of contemporary adolescent loneliness, while delivering haunting, nightmarish visuals. Notably, it’s one of few horror films that has gained critical respect outside of the core horror scene. Both Anna Cobb’s performance, and Jane Schoenbrun’s writing and directing have been heavily praised. Combined with a soundtrack by Alex G, this is a horror must-see this April.

What horror movie are you most excited for this April 2022? Let me know in the comments below!

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