5 Best Indie Games to Add to Your Wishlist

If you are bored of big titles and are looking for something new that only a few people know about, indie games are the thing you are looking for. Developed by solo game developers or small teams, indie games always offer creative games. However, it is hard to find good ones since there are so many indie game developers. Here I have collected the 5 best indie games that you may like.

5 Best Indie Games to Add to Your WishlistThe indie game sector is growing every passing day. There are so many indie developers with great indie game projects all around the world. Due to these games being developed on a limited budget, you may not hear about or find the great ones. That’s why I covered the 5 best indie games to add to your wishlist.

Below, you will find five upcoming indie games listed randomly. When you look at these games, you’ll see how many great game projects exist that you’ve never heard of. Also, make sure that you add anything you like to your wishlist on Steam.


Unibody Racer Test Drive


DEATHGRIP is a Pod Racer racing indie game, just like in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. The game was clearly inspired by Star Wars‘ Pod Racer, with 8 unique racers and 9 different tracks. Moreover, there will be different game modes in the game, like time trials and combat racing.

Developed by Reclaim Interactive, DEATHGRIP is available on Steam to add to your wishlist right now. But there has been no release date set yet. If you like sci-fi games, DEATHGRIP could be a great choice for you because it offers modern gameplay features like the Redout series. The only downside to the game is that it’s single-player only. It would be awesome to play such a racing game multiplayer or at least on the split-screen.

Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt: March 2022 Gameplay Video

Shadows of Doubt is a first-person detective stealth indie game that is being developed by ColePowered Games. The game is set in an alternate reality in the 1980s, a fully simulated sci-fi city. You will be a private intelligence investigator in the game and try to solve cases in the city. When it comes to the city, it is fully animated and populated by NPCs, and the city lives on with or without you.

Shadows of Doubt is being developed by solo indie developer Cole Jeffries and is available on Steam to add to your wishlist. The game is expected to be released in 2023. With its pixel-art graphics and fully simulated city environment, Shadows of Doubt offers a decent and unique adventure.

The Cub

The Cub - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4

The Cub is a side-scrolling platformer indie game that is inspired by classic SEGA games of the 90s. It has a really catchy storyline where rich people escape to Mars after a Great Ecological Catastrophe and leave the rest to perish. But a kid named the Cub survived by developing immunity to hostile planets. After decades, rich people on Mars come back to earth to reconnoiter, and they notice the Cub. They want to capture him to examine how The Kid survived.

Being developed by Demagog Studio and will be published by Untold Tales, The Cub is now available on Steam to add to your wishlist. No exact release date has been announced yet, but there is a demo version on Steam where you can try the game. The Cub should definitely be on your wishlist if you like platformer games. Its unique and charming story and parkour mechanics will impress you.

I Am Future

I Am Future Cinematic Trailer | Cozy Post-Apocalypse | Wishlist Now!

I Am Future is a city-builder simulation game where civilization has collapsed, and cities are now flooded. You’ll rebuild civilization over skyscrapers’ roofs, which is the only place that stands above the water. But you should know that you are in danger, especially at night, because wild animals are the new citizens.

I Am Future is being developed by Mandragora and will be published by tinyBuild this year. The game is available on Steam to add to your wishlist. If you are bored of classic city builder games, you should add I Am Future to your wishlist right now because the game comes with different mechanics where you can craft gadgets and make homes with abandoned roofs.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Asterigos - Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is a fantasy RPG where you play a brave warrior from the Northwind Legion named Hilda. She is on a journey to the cursed city to save her lost father, and you are going to help her. The game features soul-like gameplay as well as a dynamic combat system.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is developed by Acme Game and will be published by tinyBuild, which is the publisher of some great titles like Not For Broadcast. The game will be released this fall for PCs and consoles. To not miss anything about the game, don’t forget to add it to your wishlist on Steam. I am not much of a fan of fantasy RPGs, but Asterigos: Curse of the Stars managed to get me even with its trailer.


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