5 Best Games That Help You Master Your Keyboard and Mouse Skills

Using a keyboard and mouse can be tricky, but we have some games for you to hone in on those skills. Whether you want a singleplayer or multiplayer experience, we have you covered on a wide range of games. You tactical shooter fans and knights in shiny armor will get your fix after reading this.

5 Best Games That Help You Master Your Keyboard and Mouse Skills

Playing with a controller vs. keyboard and mouse is a completely different experience. Many factors go into this to make you the best player around, whether you are playing singleplayer or online. Over the last year, I got into PC gaming, leaving my PlayStation to only exclusives. I couldn’t abandon console gaming because I love video games in general, regardless of platform; also, I cannot resist leaving behind Spider-Man, God of War, and The Last of Us. That said, I hope to help you with what I have learned in this list of 5 games to master your keyboard and mouse skills.

5. Doom (2016)/Doom Eternal

Slay demons with a keyboard and mouse

Slay demons with a keyboard and mouse

Okay, this is two games, but they both accomplish the same thing and are pretty similar in many ways. A fast-paced shooter that brings on some serious difficulty if you are playing the right setting. If you have not picked up Doom or its 2020 sequel on PC yet, then you are doing yourself a disservice. The intensity of Ultra-Violence will greatly improve your aim and movement. You cannot stay still, especially on the higher settings. 

If you are not a player who wants a challenge, that is okay; we all have our preferences. But let me tell you, as someone who sucks at video games and tends to not go for anything too hard (medium is my jam), I highly recommending trying this out. It is hard, but not too hard. You will get stuck on parts, but it is doable. Doom is like a puzzle; you use the right weapons, swing on the right objects, jump on the right platform, then boom, you have passed through the area you were dying on.

If you ignore every game here, that’s okay, don’t pass up on slaying demons on a higher difficulty with a keyboard and mouse.

4. Ghostrunner

Become a cyberpunk ninja

Become a cyberpunk ninja

The 2020 cyberpunk FPS is perfect for focusing on high mobility and close-ranged combat. In Ghostrunner, you have to run on walls, swing off hooks, and chop up baddies with guns and other various weapons. You have to be quick, constantly. I am not just talking about the enemies, but the dangerous obstacles you must jump, slide, and swing over to avoid getting zapped or falling to your death.

Don’t get me wrong, this one is tough. There is no easy mode, all you have to do is boot up, and you are on your way. It is one of those games where you die after one hit, so you have to make every step and slash count. You may want to gain some experience playing through some other games to hone in on your keyboard and mouse skills. 

On top of all of those technical reasons, you should play this game because Ghostrunner is one of the year’s best releases.

If you don’t want to spend the money, you have nothing to lose as there is a free demo.

3. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

I have to give so much credit to Rainbow Six Siege for improving my aim. The guns all feel different, requiring you to adapt to the variety that comes with each operator. The slower pace gives a different feel compared to our other entries on this list. Take a deep breath, find a good angle, and wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Of course, things can kick off then you are getting the adrenaline that you would expect from a modern FPS.

If you are not the competitive type, then I would skip Siege. Ubisoft has built it for serious players, not casuals due to the nature of how it’s designed and updated with each season. Hopefully, we can get some modes to welcome more casual players, but until then, I would think before purchasing it if you are not a big multiplayer PvP person.

2. Counter Strike

Another one for the multiplayer fans. Counter Strike is a game that has improved people’s keyboard and mouse skills for decades at this point. Like Siege, it is all about game knowledge and controlling recoil as every gun has its unique feel. This is a staple for any veteran PC gamer.

1. Mordhau

Pick up your sword

Pick up your sword

Whether you want PvP or PvE, Mordhau will bring you whatever you want. This medieval experience will test your melee abilities. A full set of weapons from swords to maces, you will have to master what suits you best. Timing is everything here because the weight of your equipment affects your swings. Blocking, parrying, and faking out opponents is important if you want to defeat the people or NPCs you are fighting. 

Now that you have some games to purchase to help your keyboard and mouse skills, you better get busy. Let us know how this may have helped you in the comments. If you have a game you recommend, then let me know; I can always improve.