3 Classic Wii Games Ready for a Comeback on the Nintendo Switch

The Wii series is coming back! After 8 years, the upcoming Switch Sports is breathing new life into the Wii game series and its wacky universe. Here are 3 classic Wii games that should make the jump to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Classic Wii Games ready for a comeback on the Nintendo SwitchThe Wii universe never really went away. It’s still possible to explore Wuhu Island in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Miis are still a popular means of self-expression in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Still, it’s been a while since the Wii Series gave us a glimpse into its colorful universe. Many games in this series have their counterparts on the Nintendo Switch, but these often lack the unique world of Wuhu and Miis that the classic Wii games provided. With the announcement of Switch Sports and the recent online playtest, the fascinating Wii universe is making a comeback.

Switch Sports doesn’t appear light on the details of the world surrounding the game. Rather than just a variety of different sports, the games play in various detailed buildings on the main square of a large city. The buildings feature shops and relaxation areas beside the sports fields. The square itself offers a calming atmosphere with palm trees and smoothly paved roads. As the Wii universe is seemingly making a comeback, be it with the classic Miis, Sportsmates, or both, the timing seems perfect to discuss other entries in the Wii series. Here are 3 classic Wii games ready for a comeback on the Nintendo Switch.

Wii Play series

Wii Play is a bit of a forgotten entry between its more well-known siblings. It’s not as influential or famous as Wii Fit or Wii Party, which will feature later down this list. Nonetheless, the game was widespread. It’s the fifth best-selling Wii game of all time and even received a sequel, Wii Play Motion. Nintendo made both games to show off the features of the Wii’s motion controller, as they were often bundled with an extra Wii Remote.

Wii Play Motion Trailer, E3 2011 (Wii)

The Switch had its title to show off the features of the new joy-cons, 1-2-Switch. This may make it seem like it makes a sequel or a reboot of the original Wii Play games obsolete. With the Switch console approaching its fifth anniversary, there doesn’t seem a need for new minigames to showcase what the controllers can do. However, both Wii Play and its sequel featured the weirdness of the classic Wii games that shouldn’t end up in the dustbin of gaming history.

For instance, Wii Play Motion had a game where your Mii of choice had to balance endless scoops of ice cream on a single cone. The original Wii Play featured a Where’s Waldo-style game, requiring players to select the odd Mii out of an ever-increasing crowd. Playing such set-ups with all kinds of familiar faces is a joy of recognition that shouldn’t be exclusively tied to the exploration of a console’s features. The series is ready to move past 2011.

It would be interesting to see some of the most popular games updated in a new title, alongside modern graphics and new game modes. The original games looked pretty bare-bone (especially by 2022 standards), which means there’s a lot to win in graphical terms. The original toy-style tank battle game Tanks! would be fascinating to play with updated graphics and better controls to move around and aim shots.

Wii Fit series

Yes, there are already plenty of fitness games for the Nintendo Switch. The obvious one is, of course, Ring Fit Adventure. However, Ring Fit Adventure and Wii Fit are considerably distinct in terms of their setting. The atmosphere and characters are vastly different. What makes Wii Fit and its successors more than just another fitness series is the universe around it, as you work out with familiar faces all around you.

Wii U - Wii Fit U E3 Trailer

The Switch can be a considerable technical upgrade over the original Wii Fit games that used the Balance Board. It took 4 consistently charged batteries to keep the board alive for 60 hours, according to Nintendo. Furthermore, its size and weight made it impractical to take it anywhere but home.

A Switch remake could improve on the technical limitations of the Balance Board while reviving the atmosphere of the original games for the Wii and Wii U. Jogging around Wuhu Island while the digital avatars of friends and family walk around you makes for an excellent atmosphere. The setting of the upcoming Switch Sports could replicate this playful and relaxed sphere in which players freely run and exercise.

The Switch has already demonstrated its capacity to encourage a healthier lifestyle through gamification. A future ‘Switch Fit’ would combine the gamification advancements of Ring Fit Adventure with the laid-back gym vibe of the Wii Fit games. Such a mix is poised to provide Nintendo with a recipe for another highly entertaining fitness game.

Wii Party series

Since its original release in 2010, Wii Party has offered numerous crazy game modes and minigames for you and all the Miis of the people around you to frolic in. Whether it’s running away from each other in zombified graveyards or playing a game of chicken as wooden barrels come crashing down towards your head, the party game is designed to be wacky.

Wii Party received a sequel for the Wii U in 2013, which offered some new game modes and minigames. Since then, there has been radio silence around the Wii Party concept.

Wii U - Wii Party U Trailer

As it’s been over 9 years since the previous Wii Party game, it may be high time for a ‘Switch Party.’ Some game modes in these games have grown into cult classics which would be interesting to see a return on the Switch. It could feature such classics as Board Game Island, in which Miis have to travel Indiana-Jones-style up a tropical island with all kinds of traps.

However, ‘Switch Party’ should not just be a trip down memory lane. The original Wii Party games had issues with balancing the entertainment value of various game modes. Just a handful of modes were actually entertaining to play, while most were boring at best or poor excuses to digitize parlor games at worst. Nintendo could use the diverse playstyles of the Switch to build a multitude of game modes that are all evenly unique and fun experiences. The earlier Wii Party games provide a solid foundation for a more consistently enjoyable party game in the future.

What do you think about this selection? Are these classic Wii games ready for a comeback on the Nintendo Switch, and how do you think they would look? Are there any classics we missed? Let us know in the comments!



  1. The Wii Play game “Find Mii” was such a fun game, would love to see it come back on the Switch!

    • It was! Great game to just quickly boot up and play for a bit, the Switch would be perfect for it. It’s easier to just pick it up casually, there’s no need to go sit in front of the tv and boot the whole thing up 🙂


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