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Lost Sea Giveaway

Crashing into the ocean and being on a stranded island sucks, but to crash and be stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle is even worse! Win the game in our new giveaway and try to survive in this colorful game and escape from the Lost Sea!

Lost Sea Giveaway

we do it Again! 10 keys to win! and this time lost sea is the game which should get your attention!

What you can win in our giveaway n. 36? Lost Sea is a colorful game that is easy on the eyes, mind, and controller. A simple game system that never becomes too boring, and an experience that is more than suited for younger kids as well as older gamers who are looking to break up the monotony of everything reaching for realism.

Be sure to read our review and then enter the giveaway. We are switching to 2-week giveaways during the summer starting with Lost Sea so everyone will have the possibility to win the game. This way even after return from your vacation the giveaway will be still running and you won’t miss anything ;-).

If you will not be the lucky winner, you can still buy the game on Steam here.

Lost Sea Giveaway 


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