What Is the Best PlayStation Console?

More than 25 years after its debut console launch, find out which PlayStation platform players think is best. With plenty of systems to choose from and decades of history, the results are sure to be somewhat divisive. For example, does new necessarily equate to better?

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When it comes to gaming nowadays, it’s easy to see Sony as among the “Big 3” of gaming companies. Along with Nintendo and Microsoft, these are the corporations that have supplied decades of gaming bliss for millions, with a long line of gaming consoles and gameplay experiences. Today, we’ll find out what the players think is the best of the best when it comes to Sony’s mainline console releases. More specifically, the best PlayStation consoles to ever exist. See what the players that make up the world have to say!

The following is comprised of data collected through optional polls and viewer responses. What all was collected includes:

  • 3,853 respondents through eight questions.
  • Polls running between the beginning of June and the end of September, 2021.
Information on the best PlayStation console and more.

Information on the best PlayStation console and more.

The following is information collected in more detailed form, going over every aspect of the graph listed above. Summarized information and some occasional discussion will also be present.

Main Point – What Is the Best PlayStation Console?

Since the dawn of the PlayStation in the mid ’90s, Sony has been a major contribution to the gaming scene. Selling a whopping 102 million units in its lifetime, it’s cemented as one of the best-selling game consoles of all time… only to be outdone by its successor in the PlayStation 2. The best-selling game console of all time, Sony seemed destined to never lose, even now with several different iterations of the PlayStation platform released. Yet will all that’s come and gone, what is considered the best of them all?

Information on which PlayStation console is the best.

Information on which PlayStation console is the best.

While it may be the best-selling, the PS2 actually trails in a staggering third place. It’s overtaken by both the newly-released PlayStation 5 and the winner: PlayStation 4. Some could argue recency bias, though it’s worth noting that the PS4 is home to a substantial number of blockbuster titles, such as The Last of Us Part IIUncharted 4Final Fantasy VII Remake, and God of War. Even in the PS5’s infancy, its hardware power and intriguing controller give it an edge in comparison to classic consoles. In time, it may just become the players’ choice for top spot.

Talking Point – Which Console Had the Best Games?

Of course, when it comes to gaming, there should be games. Consoles are (usually) visually-pleasing paperweights if there’s nothing good to play on them. That’s why it’s important for consoles to burst onto the scene with a great line-up of games to choose from to ensure financial success. Some do, some don’t, but eventually, most consoles are provided a selection of popular titles that make the initial asking price worth it. Which PlayStation console had the best game selection in their lifetime?

Information about which console had the best game selection.

Information about which console had the best game selection.

Remember what I said just above about the PS4 having a ton of blockbuster titles? It seems the poll results are in agreement; the PlayStation 4 was home to the best selection of titles. Even the PlayStation 2, as well as it sold, had so many games to choose from that it was nigh impossible to argue with its selection. Perhaps most interestingly enough, the PS3 ranked third, despite a well-known meme claiming it had no games. Perhaps you can’t always believe what you read on the internet.

Talking Point – Which Console Has the Best Visual Design?

Games are most important, as I’m certain we’ll all agree. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a console not clash with your furniture, or not look like some goofy device from outer space. Aesthetic preferences vary just as wildly as preference in gameplay mechanics, so it’s worth noting what system did the best to distinguish itself visually. Y’know, for those more aesthetically inclined. Which PlayStation console had the best visual design?

Information on which console had the best visual design.

Information on which console had the best visual design.

Actually, maybe “some goofy device from outer space” is exactly what people want. An overwhelming majority prefer the large, reverse-oreo cookie concoction that is the PS5. Not to sound too critical, as it does look rather unique, at least compared to its predecessors. Generally black or silver with a basic rectangular shape, the PS5 at least attempts to go in a sleeker direction. If not for the PS4 being in a respectable second, I’d guess that players also view the latest console as a step in the right direction.

Talking Point – Which Console Had the Best Controller?

While the history of the PlayStation console controller isn’t one too strung up with change, there have been some notable distinctions to them. The PlayStation 2 controller introduced analog sticks; the PlayStation 3 controller added the home button; the PlayStation 4 controller implemented a touch-screen pad for further immersion. These changes added new dimensions to gameplay that further integrated players to the game. And, well, some just look better than others. Which controller do players think is best?

Information on which controller was deemed best.

Information on which controller was deemed best.

A close-knit race between the latest in PlayStation’s line-up. Overall, more prefer the new dualsense controller of the PS5, which changes color, vibrates, and becomes inert based on gameplay feedback. It also has a nice futuristic feel with its white and black with blue highlights visual design. The PS4 controller also is a considerably popular choice, likely due to its functionality and design. When it comes to innovation, there’s no time like the present.

Talking Point – How Can Sony Improve Their Consoles?

With anything in life, there is always something that can be improved. Nothing is perfect, and striving to get to the best point possible is all that one can ask, especially for a gaming console. That said, there are many things that have been said over the years for Sony that have been implemented (or not) to make future PlayStations all the better. What could be done to make future consoles better?

Information on how PlayStations consoles can be improved.

Information on how PlayStations consoles can be improved.

When you want to play games—and a lot of them at that—you need a place to store that data. It seems that more than anything, the storage space for Sony consoles is a recurring issue that tends to go otherwise ignored. Of course, with the increasing technology of games and the sizes necessary to make them bigger and better, it’s a race to see which can hold out most. A portion also consider loading times an issue, though it’s nowhere near the size of those in need of ways to enhance their storage space.

Talking Point – Are People Satisfied with Sony’s Direction?

Almost thirty years into the console business, it’s safe to analyze the company’s trajectory with their products. As technology grows more advanced and competition becomes fiercer, it’s easy to get lost in all the ruckus caused. Sony has managed to make a considerable name for itself throughout the years, and only sometimes embroiled itself in controversy. With all to consider about the company and its console innovation, are players satisfied with Sony’s direction?

Information on whether players are confident in Sony's direction.

Information on whether players are confident in Sony’s direction.

It seems there’s little debate about it: Players are satisfied. With the recent release of the PlayStation 5—despise the difficulty in acquiring them—Sony seems to have another hit console on its hands that will be the prize of gamers all around. And with the precedent set by its hardware, controllers, and (initial) selection of games produced for it, it may take a considerable fallout before players turn their back on the longtime gaming giant.

Talking Point – Are Sony Consoles Better Than the Rest?

Considering all the success and positive fanfare, is it fair to say that Sony is the best gaming company out there? Specifically with its main competition in Microsoft and Nintendo, some may consider it the shining example of the gaming community at large. It has games, hardware, historical success, and a lot more going for it. Do players think the PlayStation line-up is better than the alternatives, produced by Sony’s competition?

Information on whether players prefer Sony consoles over others.

Information on whether players prefer Sony consoles over others.

A close call, but a majority seem to believe that Sony’s PlayStation consoles are the best of the best. No Xbox’s or Switches are going to compare to the all-around quality that PlayStation provides, whatever aspect that may be. Will this remain past the surge of PS5 consoles? It’s hard to say definitively, though early impressions suggest it will have as long of a lifespan as it needs to. The new-age console may also mark another victory to Sony’s overall reputation and credibility.

Input Data – Have You Owned All (Or Most) PlayStation Consoles?

Though it may be a hard ask given the age and cost of doing so, it may be interesting to see who has been so dedicated to own all or most of Sony’s consoles. With the mainline consoles ranging from 1 to 5, and the handheld consoles in the Portable and Vita, that’s seven major consoles in the last 27 years. This is not to include console upgrades, such as the PS2 Slim or PS4 Pro, but how many players have managed to acquire enough to be able to see the company’s vast history of consoles?

Information on if players have owned all or most of Sony's consoles.

Information on if players have owned all or most of Sony’s consoles.

Again, a hard ask, though it’s impressive to see just how split the difference is. While the majority have likely only owned a couple consoles, there’s a considerable number who have seen all that the PlayStation has to offer, no matter the timeframe. From a vast collection of games and franchises, both storied and short-lived, and advances in technology that helped shape the gaming sphere. Should such dedication continue to occur, the future seems safe for a gaming-dominated world.

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