Someday You’ll Return – 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

What would you do if your daughter never came home but you could track her down? We're giving 20 Steam keys for Someday You'll Return, a story-driven psychological horror game. More details in the article below.
Someday You'll Return Giveaway Cover

malevolent forces rise against you!

Someday You’ll Return is a story-driven psychological horror game about a desperate search for a missing daughter deep in the woods where you swore you’d never return, brought to you by the creative duo behind J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars.

We’re giving away 20 keys for Steam.

Someday You’ll Return – 20 Steam Keys Giveaway

Participate in the Someday You’ll Return giveaway and make sure to check the game on Steam. In case you won’t win a key, you can support the developers by buying the game.


  • Workbench crafting interface – you can craft or repair things in a specialized interface
  • Herbalism – you can pick up flowers or mushrooms and make your own potions
  • Environment interaction – you can interact in the world you are in, use items etc.
  • Smartphone – you can use GPS, call someone or communicate via SMS, you can also use your mobile light
  • Karmic system – your actions have consequences which can influence ending
  • Wall climbing
  • Tracking – look for clues like footprints etc.
  • Stealth

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