HITMAN: World of Assassination – 24 PS4 Keys Giveaway (US)

Experience Agent 47 at his very best in the new Freelancer mode, introducing rogue-like elements and strategic planning to really test your mettle. Enter for a chance at winning one of the 24 USD $50 PS4 keys from our Giveaway, running until March 9th!

Hitman: Freelancer - 24 PS4 Keys Giveaway

Kill as You Will

Take control of the deadliest of all assassins and bring dawn your tailored justice on any and all of your targets. A new way to play on your own terms, that combines rogue-like elements and deep strategic planning with a persistent and infinitely replayable gameplay experience. In Hitman: Freelancer, freedom is king and the sky is the limit. Don’t expect a full-fledged new story from this new mode, but that is balanced with superb gameplay.

However, this giveaway does include the newly named HITMAN: World of Assassination, which includes all three major games along with the new game mode.

Our own Marc Keever has reviewed the new mode extensively and praised it quite handsomely, in case you want to find out exactly what it is you may be getting into. Once you’ve decided if the game is to your liking, feel free to complete as many steps to maximize your entries, and best of luck!

KeenGamer and KeyMailer bring you this Giveaway for 24 PS4 Keys, eligible for the North American region. You can accumulate entries by following the steps below until March 9th!

HITMAN: World of Assassination – 24 PS4 Keys Giveaway (NA region)


  • Immersive and massively repayable levels
  • Fluid movement, traversal, and combat
  • Experimenting with different weapons and tactics is fun and satisfying

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