Drive 4 Survival – 20 Steam Early Access Keys Giveaway

Fight 4 survival in Drive 4 Survival, a recent take on the survival genre from M3M Games. Set in the frozen wilderness, the game offers many mysterious nooks and places in the world to explore. We're giving away 20 Steam Early Access keys. More details below.

Drive 4 Survival Giveaway CoverTry to Survive!

Drive 4 Survival is a struggle for survival, where you only need to rely on yourself and your car. You are alone in the middle of the frozen wilderness, where the surrounding world is your greatest enemy. With minimal initial equipment, you must first provide for your basic needs and find a safe haven from adverse weather.

We’re giving away 20 Early Access keys for Steam

Drive 4 Survival – 20 Steam Early Access Keys Giveaway Check out the game on Steam. In case you don’t win a key in a giveaway, don’t worry. You can support the developers and buy yourself a copy.


  • Cars
  • Survival system (food, water, fatigue, ambient and body temperature, oxygen, poison etc.)
  • Player level system
  • Reputation system
  • Blueprints learning system
  • Safe home zone
  • Snowy and forest locations
  • Building your own home
  • Trade system
  • Tasks (tutorial, base, reputation, daily etc.)
  • Animals, bandits & zombie
  • Enemies are fighting each other
  • Enemies can drive cars
  • Farming
  • Dungeon like zones ( bunkers, caves etc. )
  • Mostly hand-made locations
  • Weapon durability system
  • Online in-game radio

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