FIVE: Guardians of David Launch Stream

On November 23rd we were speaking live with guys from Kingdom Games during their livestream right after the launch of FIVE: Guardians of David. We asked them several questions which you can watch and listen to in this article.

Kingdome Games - Launch Stream

The first part of live stream began with five guys: from the left side Mike Madden  – Director of development, Stephen Daniele  – Director of art, James Parkman  – Studio Head, Aaron Standridge  – Director of Technologies and the main speaker Eric Daniels -- Marketing Director.

Kingdome Games - Launch StreamKingdome Games - Launch Stream

We were talking to them for about 30 minutes but they were streaming almost for 5 hours. It was really funny and entertaining but of course we got great answers to our questions. And because they were almost eating turkey and celebrating at the same time we had to open a bottle of wine as well and celebrate the launch :-). 

Kingdome Games - Launch Stream

Kingdome Games - Launch Stream

You can watch our 30 minutes of fame and listen to our questions starting at 0:50:00 in the first video posted below.

Enjoy all the questions, chat and see the whole friendly atmosphere. Both videos are full of interesting information so you don't have to watch only our part but the complete videos.

FIVE: Guardians of David Launch Stream! Pt 1

FIVE: Guardians of David Launch Stream Pt. 2

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