Civilization: Beyond Earth – review

Civilization: Beyond Earth - review

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Eurogamer published today its review of new Civilization. This famous series moved from Earth to Space which was also one of the endings in the original Civlization game. And now is time to continue in the never finished job of human evolution.

There are some changes to the common play style you are used to from the predecessors. The game is more dynamic, you struggle for survival all the time and the winning conditions change faster than you thought they should.

Most significant early game twist makes the planet itself. There are no barbarians but aliens. Manticores, wolf beetles or even big siege worms try to turn your city into dust.

The impact of Beyond Earth's newer elements is initially so extreme that the AI civs can seem a bit of a distraction. When they do make their presence felt, they still seem to be the game's weakest element.

In short this new Civ game is great, has many bigger and smaller changes to the gameplay but it still remains true to its roots and that is enough to keep you watching to the monitor until the early morning saying: "Just one more round.".

Eurogamer score: 8/10

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