Elite: Dangerous – wonderful pvp fights video

Elite Dangerous - wonderful pvp fights video from Isinona again! Great job.

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As you are used to we are showing new video from Isinona. And be assured that this time you will hold your table with both hands and watch the video until the end hoping that the bastard with 2 million bounty on his head will explode. 

Isinona is hunting down few Wanted ships and finds another skilled commander as an ally. And it's a joy to see their flying and hunting down the more stronger prey. I'm not going to spoil you the fun and tell you the end of the story but I must say that this video is one of the best I've seen in a while

Make some popcorn and push Play. The video is more than half an hour long but every second is worth watching.

'Elite: Dangerous' v1.07 - Hired Gun: Part 1 (Flight Assist Off)

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