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SO I tried this game for free at first and it was fun, super addictive, it reminds me alot of PWI except the community with FFXIV is alot more friendly, you will see higher level characters willing to help out lower level ones pretty consistently, I cant count the amount of times I’ve tried to take on more than I should have and died and was revived or healed by a passing high level Character so thank you to this types of people!
Now comes my issues with the game. The first issue I have is the price, this wont be an issue for most people who are fine with games like this but in my personal opinion I dont think a game should charge you for the base of the game if its subscription based, CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER. Now I wouldnt even mind this so much if the developers cared at all about their clients but they dont, its all a money grab.
Therein lies my next issue which is a major one. After my free trial I was given the base game from a friend who already had it and received it in a humble bundle. The base game does, in most cases, come with 30 days of game time without having to purchase which is nice, so there is that. After my 30 days free that game with I decided to purchase ONE month subscription because it was all I could afford at the time (the game is in USD which is considerably higher than my dollar here in Canada) It was very hard for me to even find where I could purchase just 30 days of game time, everywhere I looked it was only 60 days this and 60 days that OH AND they dont let you use paypal for subscriptions so if thats what you use as your main payment option dont even both with this game. So after I found the 30days for $12 and some cents I bought it, which turned into $17 and some due to currency difference. Still more than I wanted to pay but overall not too bad (but I normally dont even buy games that are over $20 and to have to pay for one MONTHLY in my eyes is still ridiculous, but I digress… )
So after I purchased the 30 days, they asked if I wanted them to save my payment/card information and I selected NO, then I proceeded to go to the Mog station and Cancelled my subscription so it wasnt reoccuring because I didnt want to forget about it and have another month go out if I got bored. I did infact get bored and played very rarely during the month I had purchased, I was in the process of getting a new computer and transfering this game over is a pain because of the download size. So my subscription runs out I am minding my own business and I get a email from my account saying that my subscription has been renewed! I looked at my bank account and they had taken the money out when I had none to speak of so I was put into the negative and received a $40 NSF from my bank because of them. I messaged them obviously ticked off because i explicitly told them NOT to save my payment/card information when they asked AND I know for a fact I cancelled my running subscription.. so how they managed to or thought it was ethical to take out another whole month I have no idea. But when I messaged them they said I hadnt cancelled and that I needed to do it in two separate places, and I did just that (I googled how to do it in the first place because they make it difficult to find ) so I know 100% that I cancelled the right things that needed to be cancelled and yet they still took out a new one. Their responses are all super generic and dont even really fit with the question or concern you have, they are very much copy and paste bullcrap they feed as an automated message, which took like 5 days to receive I might add. I again messaged them and told them I had cancelled the proper things and asked them not to save my card information and yet they did it anyway, and I would like a refund for my trouble because I clearly had no intention of resubbing and it was a mistake on their part. They messaged me back again days later (this time 7) with another generic response saying they couldnt issue a refund as per their user agreement, I tried to explain I understood that but if its there fault they should make an exception, cue another reply with a generic im sorry we cant response and a message to tell all my friends to JOIN THEIR WONERFUL COMMUNITY and I lost my shit. The game is fine on its own and the people in it are nice but its honestly not worth putting up with the developer/people running it because clearly they do not care about anything but money. If you have any kind of tech support issue and message them good luck getting any kind of unique or helpful response from them its not gonna happen. Save your money and just play PWI or give your money to people who will actually care about you and your gaming experience. the slight points I am giving in this review are for the game itself and the few things I enjoyed about it

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