Death of a Genre

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The Elder Scrolls as a series has been inexorably forced into an entirely unrecognizable being altogether. This change began its development through Oblivion, where many features introduced in prior games were forced out in the sake of ‘modernizing’ the series, meaning dumbing down the final product for a casual audience. Yet the final nail had not yet reached the coffin until 2011, when Skyrim was released, no longer bearing any semblance of the carefully crafted identity that had made the series into what it was. Skyrim was not a dumbed down RPG like Oblivion was, but rather a new monster altogether. The Elder Scrolls had become a generic console-friendly action game with absolutely no nuance whatsoever, a perfect blend of the most basic ideas mixed with woefully buggy ‘features’ combined into what I can only describe as the game equivalent of plain white bread. What of the mods, you may ask? The mods aren’t capable of saving a car-wreck after the damn thing has already been totaled, can they? No matter how meticulously the fan base has slaved to create a better game (which they certainly have) the original release is too gross a stain on this series, too grotesque to ever come back from. Screw Skyrim, and screw Bethesda as well. Thank you for your time.

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