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Lipa's vision isn't just to make a quick buck on the app market, it's not about following what's trending or searching for the gold at the end of the app rainbow. At... read more

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Country: Czech Republic
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3/15/2016 9:30:43 AM
Lipa Learning

Lipa's vision isn't just to make a quick buck on the app market, it's not about following what's trending or searching for the gold at the end of the app rainbow. At Lipa, they stand by their claim: We can change education.


Lipa Learning is a different studio than you would expect. The studio is financed fully by an investor Czech entrepreneur Tomáš Bárta who has a lot of money to spend and his vision is simply to make the best games for children which can teach them all the possible skills and knowledges. 

If children are spending time on their tablets anyway, why offer them just one application which develops one specific ability? "We wanted to prepare a complex educational system which would more or less cover the entire basic learning of children up to the age of six," says Bárta. And so he jumped headfirst into the project bearing the name Lipa Learning – investing in almost 100 million CZK over the last 2,5 years.

The whole idea is a worldwide change of education. This goal is not an easy task to achieve but there is a lot of like-minded people who wants to help him. And Bárta is not looking for other companies or investors. It is only his and his team's mission and this way they want to produce the best products for children. Even he has no experience in education and is known as the owner of the company EMTC, which managed to procure over half a million customers for the largest alternative energy supplier Bohemia Energy.

Nevertheless, he has jumped into education with vigor. Although it is based in Prague’s Žižkov, the project found its way into the American start-up incubator RocketSpace in Silicon Valley. Bárta put together an international team of 40 members and continues to visit various international conferences, where he promotes Lipa.

His intentions rest on a simple principle – combining business with pleasure. "Imagine that you give an encyclopedia of biology to a five-year-old and tell him - go and learn it all. I’ll be back in a month to see how much you remember. He won’t learn anything because he isn’t interested in it. If you give him World of Warcraft and the same task, in a month he’ll know it all inside-out," British Lipa Learning project leader Ian Hook decribs education in the form of play.

What the studio currently offers and will offer in the future?

Lipa is offering 13 games in 8 different languages (it´s planned to have at least 16 language mutations). For this moment, they are only for iOS and Andriod, but the owners of the devices with Windows can look forward too.The final goal is to create 40 games (10 for each skill) a one unifying app, so-called Lipa Gateway. It´s kind of gate, which will offer the parents an insight to how does their child fulfil the tasks and brings a space for sharing the advices and experience.

What lipa learning does?

We must quote here the text from their official website:

Apps are a powerful new tool in the age of mobile learning. We carry our devices everywhere and increasingly we are allowing our children access to this world. But this potential is too often lost by games that at best waste your child's time and at worst are damaging their development.

Lipa Learning is different. We are not an app developer, we are an eco-system developer - a new approach to mobile learning.

By building on decades of research, we have created a curriculum of educational apps which fuses education systems from around the world with Higher Order Thinking concepts and Real World Skills meaning each application gives your child the highest standard of education.

At Lipa we wanted to create a space which was like the best classroom, a space where you and your children can learn organically, at their own pace, but also be guided where to go next.

But Lipa is a lot more than just developing great educational apps. We are committed to changing education for the youngest learners and it shows in everything we do. From ensuring our content is the highest standard on the market to working with schools below the poverty line in India to donating our apps to the One Laptop Per Child initiative to ensure that children, regardless of their socio-economic background, can access our content.


  • Ian Hook, Head of Education

    Ian HookIan is a teacher born and bred and from an early age has dedicated his life to teaching in a variety of different contexts. As a teacher and head teacher in both mainstream and special educational needs schools; and as a climbing instructor, martial arts Instructor and outdoors educator, teaching truly is in his blood. At Lipa, Ian leads our educational department, fusing the cutting edge of education into a digital curriculum for homes and classrooms throughout the world.


  • Gigi Wang

    Gigi WangGigi is the Managing Partner at MG-Team, LLC, an international strategic marketing and business development firm, and on the board of the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLAB) along with being a Venture Partner for iGlobe Partners. She has an international background in marketing, sales, and strategy for mobile, web services, and telecom companies. Previously, she was the SVP of Marketing and Alliances for July Systems: a mobile Internet company providing mobile retailing and marketing solutions to carriers and media brands including AT&T and MTV. Prior to July, she was CEO & Co-founder of AsiaQuest, a company providing market entry services for companies entering Asian markets. Her team developed relationships with Asian operators including LGTel and Telstra for its clients. She had also started up the International Carrier Marketing group and lead VOIP Product Marketing for Ascend Communications (acquired by Alcatel-Lucent).

  • Antonio J. Espinosa

    Antonio J.EspinozaAntonio J. Espinosa is a result focused CEO and senior business development professional, whose progressive career has been based upon a platform of cutting edge commercial knowledge and dynamic sales success. He has worked with several highly innovative, international technology organisations in the US, EMEA, Asia and the Latin American markets. He is a senior market strategist, with a proven track record of delivering a step change in both revenue & profitability.

  • Dr. Michael Carter

    Dr. Michael CarterMichael specialises in the design and development of learning solutions based on emerging technology: particularly when they involve games. He directed and published research on kids’ informal learning and digital media with the MIT Press, and has designed and produced games about history, science, mathematics, storytelling, health and ecology.

Part of the text is taken from their official company's site.



Awards & Recognition

  • Winner in the European Conference for Game Based Learning 2013