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Wrong Wrong Wrong. I am so shocked

at this game. I am playing it on PS4, but this is the first game since Halo on 360 where so many random people have communicated in the public lobbies. I am... More

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4 months ago by Rozel
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As I said, communication with teammates is the most fun part of this game and I did have a good time playing it, but in terms of how well it's made and... More

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4 months ago by Jacob Yancey
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Friday The 13th: The Game Review (PS4)

author: Jacob Yancey

One of the most anticipated multiplayer games of the year, Friday The 13th: The Game is also one of the year's biggest disappointments. While fun can...

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New map coming to Friday the 13th

author: Dmytro Voloshyn

During a panel at PAX East, Gun Media revealed a new map coming to Friday the 13th: The Game. The map is based on the the Higgins Haven property, the...

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