BitCake Studio

is a Brazilian crazy experiment turned Indie Developer, trying to do the impossible one feedback at a time. read more

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3/31/2016 10:00:58 AM
BitCake Studio

is a Brazilian crazy experiment turned Indie Developer, trying to do the impossible one feedback at a time.



Early History

BitCake Studio started out as an experiment from one of Brazil's most prominent developer at the time. Critical Studio, in the midst of developing Dungeonland for Paradox Interactive, decided they wanted to create opportunities for other people to develop games in Brazil. They called 6 young developers from Rio de Janeiro, threw them in the studio's kitchen and told them to develop any game they wanted there, without asking anything in return. After Critical's eventual closure, BitCake went on to become its own studio and continue development of its game: Holodrive.


Holodrive started its life as a quick prototype made in 1 day for a 2D Multiplayer Shooter. The team, influenced by the Lean Methodology and sucessfull games such as Minecraft that had pre-alpha releases, decided to open development since the first month. Released with the placeholder name of Project Tilt the game evolved alongside its community, reaching over 950k accounts created. With Team Fortress 2, Quake and even Mario Kart as influences, Project Tilt started to take a life of its own and has constantly been expanded with more features and semi-weekly builds. The game, now renamed Holodrive, is planned to be released on Steam as an Early Access title while the developers continue to improve it by adding more robust features and polish for its final release.


In 2013, after unsuccessfully trying to find accelerators in Brazil, BitCake Studio tried going international to great success. The team found out about GameFounders, a Games-only Accelerator program that would run in the next year, and without much hope, applied for the 3 month program. The end of the selection process came with a surprise: the team was accepted into the program and became the first Brazilian studio to do so. The program granted a small startup investment, a presence in various networking events across Europe and mentorship from top industry members, like Rami Ismail from Vlambeer. BitCake has since returned to Brazil, where they are continuing development of their game, Holodrive, and aiming for a Steam release in Q1 2016.



Awards & Recognition

  • "GameFounders Accelerator" - Seed Investment, Mentoring, Networking. March 2nd to May 31st, 2014 "1st Place" - GameDev Days in Tallinn, Estonia. Organized by Creative Mobile. "Finalist SB Games. Project Tilt" - SB Games - September 17th, 2013 "2nd Place - PC without financing. DeMagnete." - SB Games - November 12th, 2011



Holodrive Early Access Review

at: Holodrive
author: Bechstein

Holodrive is an arena-based 2d run-and-gun for intense player-versus-player shooting fun with dressup elements and happy little killer robots.

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