World of Warcraft

An Interview with John Staats, author of The WoW Diary

An Interview with John Staats, author of “The WoW Diary”

We interviewed John Staats about his time at Blizzard, WoW's past and future, and how to get into the video game business. Staats took plenty of notes during his time working on World of Warcraft, which he's now put into a book, "The WoW Diary." He w...

Keen Cast Ep. 17

How Can Blizzard Make Things Right? – Keen Cast Ep. 17

On Keen Cast Ep. 17, David, Sean, and Tim discuss how Blizzard how make things right after its weak apology at BlizzCon this year. What should the company do to distance itself from the Hong Kong controversy? We also talk about Overwatch 2, Diablo 4,...