Shantae and the Seven Sirens to Release May 28th

Never fear: Shantae and the Seven Sirens's release date is here! Announced via tweet by the official WayForward Twitter account, the sequel to Half-Genie Hero will release on May 28th of this year. Additional details about a physical release were als...

River City Girls Boss Guide

Kyoko and Misako are tough, but the bosses they face could be tougher. Ensure victory with our River City Girls boss guide! What’s more synonymous to a beat-’em-up game than a tougher-than-nails boss fight? River City Girls, the latest be...

River City Girls Review

Misako and Kyoko star in a co-op beat-'em-up for the ages! Enter River City Girls, the latest from WayForward and Arc System Works, oozing with vibrant pixel art, dastardly baddies, and lots of meta humor! Fight to take back the legendary Kunio-kun a...

7.5 Good

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