Synth Riders Review

Synth Riders Review: Better than Beat Saber?

Synth Riders challenges Beat Saber and makes a run for the VR rhythm game throne by bringing some fresh new ideas wrapped into a retrofuturistic, neon infested aesthetic while pumping your ears full of high-energy electro-rock. Virtual reality games ...

8.3 Great

DPVR E3 4K Virtual Reality Headset Review

Getting into virtual reality can be an intimidating process and much of it has to do with the often high price points of these headsets. In stark contrast, a China-based company - DPVR, offers a wide array of VR headsets at insanely affordable prices...

7.5 Good
SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT Review (Switch)

SUPERHOT is built around one simple concept: time only moves when you do. This unique concept creates a first person shooter unlike any other game on the market, with a distinctive blend of slow-motion action and deliberate strategy. But is it still ...

8.5 Great

Oculus Rift S Review

Virtual reality is the future and now is a good time to jump aboard the train. Oculus is one of the companies that are at the forefront of that future and their newest lineup of devices has something for everyone at a really competitive price. The te...

9.2 Amazing

New Splinter Cell May Be In Development For Unusual Platforms

One of Ubisoft's biggest franchises might make a comeback, but not in the way you may expect. In a recent interview, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot suggested that a new entry in the iconic series might be in development. However, it likely won't show up ...

Valve Reveals the Valve Index Virtual Reality Headset

Valve is about to release a new virtual reality headset. The company has shown off the Valve Index on a new VI website. That headset will raise the bar for virtual reality gaming. Valve has unveiled the Valve Index, which is the company’s late...

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