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Raging Loop Review (PS4)- A Psychological Thriller

Stuck in a remote, forested Japanese settlement, Haruaki Fusaishi is also trapped in an endless, raging loop of death. Every night, a villager is brutally murdered and it's up to you to find out who is the killer before everyone meets their gory demi...

8 Great

Our Lovely Escape Review

Are you prepared to open your heart? Our Lovely Escape provides a (dark?) flurry of unusual behavior from three different beautiful women. Through the trials of uncanniness, even you could find happiness that will last the rest of your days. Just be ...

5.5 Average
Night Call Review

Night Call Review

Night Call gives you two interesting roles to play – taxi driver and investigator. Drive your customers around Paris, listen to their problems, and gather evidence to identify an elusive serial killer, all while making enough money to keep a roof ove...

7 Good

Lingua Fleur: Lily Review

The insecurities of human sexuality have become ingrained into the fabric of fictional writing. Lingua Fleur: Lily brings a short story of hope and regret, focusing on the introverted and defensive Yuyi, scarred by the experiences surrounding her rom...

7 Good

Loca-Love My Cute Roommate Review

Your apartment has burned down. You have nowhere to go. Luckily, your cute coworker offers you a place to stay in her home—where she lives alone. What kind of developments will occur in this intimate scenario that was seemingly graced by the gods of ...

3 Bad

Camp W Review

The Human Realm is about to get a little magical. A young witch stumbles upon a portal to a summer camp far outside the boundaries of their home, much to their excitement. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the young witch does whatever they can to...

5.5 Average

Chuusotsu! 1st Graduation: Time After Time Review

Strange things are happening to three seemingly-normal girls when they agree to room together for a mysterious cause. Little do they know, what they share on the inside will become a factor on how they behave on the outside. Will they take advantage ...

7 Good

SeaBed Review

Nothing is quite what it seems for two young lovers, Takako and Sachiko. Bound together by familiarity, they find themselves separated from each other through some unknown cause, bringing to life different representations of reality. What may be real...

6 Fair

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