Metacritic God of War

Metacritic’s Top 8, Console Only, PS4 Exclusive Games

Metacritic takes all professional reviews for a game and average out the scores, so here are the best 8, must-own PS4 exclusives according to Metacritic. Games that are ONLY available on the PS4 will be considered to be acceptable. No remasters, no D...

5 Actors Born To Play Video Game Characters

5 Actors Born To Play Video Game Characters

Doesn't it feel like some actors are just perfect for certain roles? In the case of this article, i'll be exploring my favourite actor choices for some of the most popular video game characters of the last decade. Did any of your choices make the lis...

Why the Uncharted movie will never happen

Why The Uncharted Movie Should Never Happen

The Uncharted movie has been delayed yet again, and I don't believe it will ever get made. There are two reasons for the film's troubles going forward; the uncanny valley effect and the track record of video game movies. Allow me to explain why the U...

Uncharted Movie Starring Tom Holland Confirms Release Date

After over a decade in development limbo, Sony Pictures has finally confirmed the 2020 release date of the Uncharted film. Starring Hollywood's latest Spider-Man, Tom Holland, the upcoming cinematic adaptation of Naughty Dog's video game franchise is...

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