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Top 10 Strangest Ways Pokemon Evolve

Top 10 Strangest Ways Pokemon Evolve

There are strange Pokemon, and then there are the strange Pokemon evolutions. From pain to beauty to centrifugal force, some Pokemon aren't content with just leveling up. With over 800 Pokemon, things were bound to get a little weird, and where bette...

Top 10 Fire Emblem: Three Houses Waifus/Husbandos

With a month out in the world, the characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses have made their impact felt on the gaming community. With close to 200 hours to my name, I chronicle the characters that made the most impact on me and allow me to keep coming...

Top 10 Best Sonic the Hedgehog games

With Sonic the Hedgehog turning 28 years old today, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and see what were the best games in the franchise's history. From the first few 2D installments to the more recent 3D games, your favorite is bound to make...

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