The Good Life

The Good Life Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods Review - A Reason to Return to Rainy Woods (PS4)

The Good Life: Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods DLC Review – A Reason to Return to Rainy Woods (PS4)

If you enjoyed the original adventure in The Good Life, a fun RPG by SWERY, you should consider getting the DLC, Behind the Secret of Rainy Woods, which adds 12 new side quests. But is it worth returning to Rainy Woods with photojournalist Naomi Hayw...

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Xbox Game Pass October's First Half of Content

Xbox Game Pass: October’s First Half of Content

The Xbox Game Pass catalogue continues to grow with nine new additions announced for the first half of October, including numerous Day One releases, a highly anticipated horror experience, a sequel to an award-winning game, and more. We also know wha...

Top 15 Moments in The Good Life Cover

Top 15 Moments in The Good Life

The Good Life is a quirky RPG adventure game. Since it's a game by SWERY, it's full of crazy moments, not to mention shocking and unexpected twists and turns. This list will delve into the most standout moments in the game's story as you play fish-ou...

The Good Life Guide Genius Creativity Side Quest Cover

The Good Life Guide: “Genius Creativity” Side Quest

William Dickens tasks you with photographing some gnomes. This guide will help you with the "Genius Creativity" side quest, find the gnomes around Rainy Woods you need, and will also help you with some of the more specific requests in The Good Life. ...

The Good Life Lonely Mrs. Jasmine Side Quest Guide Cover

The Good Life Guide: “Lonely Mrs. Jasmine” Side Quest

This guide will help you fulfil the wishes of Rainy Woods resident Jan Yi Han and get the photos that she wants in the Lonely Mrs Jasmine side quest. She asks you to take some photos of chickens in aid of her own pet chicken. Jan's request is very sp...

The Good Life All Shrine Locations Guide Cover

The Good Life: All Shrine Locations Guide

This guide will tell you where you can find all 32 shrine locations in The Good Life. They are scattered throughout the world, and you can use them for many purposes, such as fast travelling and making cat and dog offerings. You'll have to venture be...

The Good Life Guide Rita Barrett's Mnemosyne Has Forsaken Me Side Quest Cover

The Good Life Guide: “Mnemosyne Has Forsaken Me” Side Quest

In The Good Life, Rita Barrett has a special request for you. This guide will show you what you need to do to solve Rita's Mnemosyne Has Forsaken Me side quest. She can't remember where she got inspiration for one of her poems, and she needs your hel...

The Good Life Review A Quirky RPG Adventure (PS4) Cover

The Good Life Review: A Quirky RPG Adventure (PS4)

This RPG life-sim adventure game might be barking mad, but it's got an intriguing story with unique gameplay. Investigate a mystery as a New York photojournalist in rural Britain, complete with eccentric characters and activities to keep you busy. If...

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