The Elder Scrolls

Fallout 1st: Another nail in Bethesda's coffin

Fallout 1st: Another Nail In Bethesda’s Coffin

Fallout 76 continues to worsen the public image of Bethesda Games Studio, after the release of a subscription service called Fallout 1st. Why does the developer continue to make overwhelmingly negative decisions? Let's analyse Bethesda's latest disas...

The Elder Scrolls Online

Play The Elder Scrolls Online Free For a Week

Bethesda has started another free event week for The Elder Scrolls Online, and it's still running until the 13th of November. If you've played before, you can continue where you left off and if you haven't, this is the chance to check it out. You ca...

Skyrim Composer Accused of Rape and Abuse

Another prominent industry figure is embroiled in controversy. Jeremy Soule, renowned composer of the Elder Scrolls series, has been accused of rape by Nathalie Lawhead, an award-winning independent game designer. Lawhead claims that Soule raped, man...

Fallout 76

Bethesda Game Studios: What Happened to the Once-Great Game Developer?

Bethesda has been struggling over the last couple of years with falling sales & disappointing releases. Fallout 76 has pushed the question of quality to the forefront of the industry and what should be considered a sellable product. What has happened...

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