Tesla vs Lovecraft

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Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (Xbox One)

In a battle of fact vs fiction you control Nikolas Tesla in an epic battle against H.P Lovecraft. With an array of weapons at your disposal as well as your own Tesla-Mech can the inventor defeat the horror writer and his army of nightmarish monsters ...

7 Good
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Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PS4)

Take control of the famous inventor Nikola Tesla as he takes on the horror fiction of HP Lovecraft in this intense and addictive arcade shooter. Use powerful weapons and the Tesla-Mech to keep the horrors at bay. All the above and more in this myster...

6.5 Fair
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Tesla vs Lovecraft out on Steam

The latest shooter game from Finnish indie developer 10tons Ltd., Tesla vs Lovecraft, is now available in Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The game is priced $14.99 USD with 15% launch week discount. Owners of Crimsonland will get an addi...

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review (PC)

Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, has his inventions stolen by creatures straight from the pages of an H.P. Lovecraft horror novel. As Nikola Tesla, you can use all your futuristic technology to hunt down these fiends and take back what's yours bef...

6 Fair