Strike Vector Ex

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Strike Vector Ex Review (PS4)

Take control of your vector; a flying and hovering war machine. Battle it out over diverse floating warscapes with a number of specific objectives in 60 fps and 1080p chaos. Equip your ship with a hugely diverse arsenal of weapons, perks, and special...

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Strike Vector Ex ’s PlayStation 4 pre-order campaign starts today in Europe at 30% off! Created from the ground up on the Unreal 4 Engine, Strike Vector EX has been re-imagined on PlayStation 4 version with significant upgrades and improvements follo...

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Strike Vector Ex Preview (PS4)

The next innovation in aircraft warfare is coming to the PS4 soon. Our editor, Michael Keener, was given the incredible opportunity to play over an hour of Strike Vector Ex online with the developers of the game, during which time he gained a great a...