Top 5 Tips To Improve In Hunt: Showdown

Top 5 Tips To Improve In Hunt: Showdown

As a new player, Crytek's latest project can be daunting. Everything you encounter in this suspenseful shooter is deadly, and you need to know how to effectively deal with the obstacles that arise. That's why I've put together a few tips to help you ...

Bethesda to Remove Forced BethesdaNet Login from Classic DOOM Re-Releases

Fans have ripped and torn Bethesda apart for its handling of the recent DOOM re-releases. The publisher has been heavily criticized for requiring players to have a BethesdaNet account before being able to play these classic games, despite these relea...

My Friend Pedro - How to Get S Rank on Every Level

My Friend Pedro Guide – 5 Tips to Get S Rank on Every Level

My Friend Pedro is packed to the brim with a chaotic mixture of blood, bullets, and bananas. But with our top five tips to achieve all S Ranks in My Friend Pedro, you’ll be able to navigate the hectic action with ease. You’ll learn how to take out ev...

PlayStation VR Hidden Gem #1

PlayStation VR Hidden Gem #1 – In Death

In Death is an addictive and surreal adventure through purgatory. It’s all about becoming Legolas with a bow and arrow to smite the lost souls infecting it. It also happens to be front and centre in the first of several articles, unearthing the PlayS...

Rage 2 Review (PS4)

Rage returns as players adorn the highly powered super-suit of a Ranger. Step into a hostile wasteland where anything and everything is trying to kill you. Learn new suit specific superpowers to decimate your foes in showy displays of aggression and ...

7.5 Good

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell Review

Do you like killing demons with attitude? Do you like transforming into multiple demons yourself to better slaughter said demons? Do you like crude humor? Hellmut: The Badass from Hell has all of that and nothing more. Really, that's kind of the poin...

7 Good

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