Session: Skate Sim

Session Switch Review

Session: Skate Sim Review – Skateboard In Your Pocket (Switch)

Following the success of it's console launch, Session: Skate Sim is set to land on Nintendo Switch worldwide in the near future. Despite hardware limitations and a graphics downgrade, the port to Switch still plays as a solid skateboarding sim, with ...

6 Fair
Best 6 Skateboarding Games in 2022

6 Best Skateboarding Games in 2022

A list of the best 6 skateboarding games available in 2022 and beyond for consoles, including Switch, PC and mobile. There are a variety of arcade-style games and realistic simulators available, so if you're a skater looking for something new to play...

Session Skate Sim All Historical Challenges

Session: Skate Sim All Historical Challenges

Here are all locations and tricks for Session: Skate Sim Historical Challenges, including images and specifics for each trick. Session: Skate Sim has recreated some of the most well known spots in skateboarding history and with those there is a list ...

Session: Skate Sim Review, A Skater's Perspective (PS4)

Session: Skate Sim Review – A Skater’s Perspective (PS4)

Instead of just another arcade based skateboarding game, the team at Crea-ture studio decided to take a step in another direction. Session: Skate Sim is the result of a team of talented skateboarders and developers sitting down together, determined t...

8.5 Great