Divoom Ditoo Pixel-Art Retro Bluetooth Speaker Review

When you imagine a Bluetooth speaker, you usually have a picture of an uninspired, blocky or rounded piece of tech whose sole purpose is to play music. But, if you ask the Hong-Kong based speaker company Divoom - they can be so much more. Their lates...

9.5 Amazing
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Ion Fury Review

Bombshell is back to kick ass and drink beer, and she's all out of beer. Ion Fury reintroduces the baddest bitch in this '90s-inspired Build Engine-style FPS. Bullets, bombs, blood, and booze abound in this 3D Realms produced throwback. Shed cyborg b...

9 Amazing

Bethesda to Remove Forced BethesdaNet Login from Classic DOOM Re-Releases

Fans have ripped and torn Bethesda apart for its handling of the recent DOOM re-releases. The publisher has been heavily criticized for requiring players to have a BethesdaNet account before being able to play these classic games, despite these relea...