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Realpolitiks Giveaway

It is never too late to become a president! Don't let your political dreams be dreams! Hours spent in Realpolitiks will prove how good of a politician you are! Grow and develop your nation to the highest possible levels of economic power, technologic...

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Win Realpolitiks in our giveaway

We have put together another great giveaway with 1C Company. This time you can win a brand new, critically acclaimed grand strategy Realpolitiks developed by Jujubee. Don’t miss your chance to play for any country and make it great (again)! Realpolit...

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Realpolitiks Review

Inspired by games from companies like Paradox Interactive, Realpolitiks is a Grand Strategy Game set in the 21st century, where you lead a country to greatness. Read our review for this cool looking strategy game by developer Jujubee. introduction If...

7.8 Good
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Become a World Leader in Realpolitiks in Feb 2017

Become the ruler of any country or world leader in a modern-day streamlined real-time grand strategy game. Realpolitiks, developed by Jujubee, will be released in February 2017 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. 1C is pleased to announce that Realpo...