Private Division

Kerbal Space Program 2 logo (Credit: Private Division)

Kerbal Space Program 2 Shifts to New Studio

Kerbal Space Program 2 got announced last year and was scheduled for a release window of early 2020. Now, Take-Two had moved development to a new, unnamed studio in Seattle that will be under publishing company Private Division, with some of the same...

A robot enemy from The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Port to Switch Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The Outer Worlds was coming to the Nintendo Switch this March. Fans waiting for the port will have to wait indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. Publisher Private Division announced on Twitter that the game will get pushed back until the Virt...

The Outer Worlds Review: Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds Review (PS4): Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds manages to step out from underneath the shadow of the Fallout franchise and offers an experience that's quite unlike anything else the galaxy has seen this console generation. The game's themes may evoke capitalism and corporate gree...

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Disintegration Hands-On Preview

Disintegration Hands-On Preview: Hybrid Hostilities

Disintegration may not transform the way we play video games, but it does have potential to revitalize a genre that tends to play things safe much too often. Destiny and Halo fans should read on to discover why this first-person shooter/real-time str...