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Top Gaming Moments of 2019

The Top 20 Gaming Moments of 2019

Gaming has generated some incredible moments for the media and fans in the year of 2019. Many will agree that so many gaming moments of 2019 have come and gone in a flash. We've collected all of the highs and lows of the year into one comprehensive l...

PlayStation VR Hidden Gem #1

PlayStation VR Hidden Gem #1 – In Death

In Death is an addictive and surreal adventure through purgatory. It’s all about becoming Legolas with a bow and arrow to smite the lost souls infecting it. It also happens to be front and centre in the first of several articles, unearthing the PlayS...

All We Know About PlayStation 5 And All We Don't

Here’s All We Know About PlayStation 5 and All We Don’t

Those with an ear to the ground may have noticed over the last few months, the rumour mill on the PlayStation 5 is heating up. We’ve had presentations of games running on PlayStation 5 hardware. PlayStation’s Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny is fina...

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