Pit People

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Pit People Review

In Pit People, you are forced to deliver your tactics around huge doses of ridiculousness and chaos, utilizing a roster of unfit and unorthodox magical characters. Combine the likes of unicorns, cupcakes, gnomes, and electrobots in order to somehow...

6.5 Fair
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Pit People Launches this Friday! Goodbye Early Access!

The turn-based strategy co-op adventure title Pit People is set to be released this Friday, March 2nd for PC and Xbox One. Take a look at what's in store for those who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement! Pit People comes from the devel...

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Pit People Early Access Preview

From the creators of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theatre, here comes their new strategy game, Pit People! Just released on Steam Early Access and with constant updates promised in the future, does it hold up already? INTRODUCTION The Behemoth is ...