Phoning Home

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Phoning Home Review

Phoning Home is indie developer ION LANDS love letter to storytelling and boasts a tale that really is worth telling. Players take control of ION, a small robot stranded on an alien world filled with dangerous weather, dangerous monsters, and the rem...

8.5 Great
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Phoning Home Preview

Phoning Home follows the lovable robot ION on a journey of survival and discovery, where dangers, new allies, and the hope of a way home lie ahead. Promising beautiful environments, emotional moments, and lots of wilderness exploration across an alie...

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Phoning Home – Interview with Marko from Ion Lands

We got in touch with Marko who is creating the new great looking game with very nice looking and emotional robot. Let's talk about the game and find out more about Marko! Greetings! Can you begin this interview off with explaining who you guys are?&n...

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Phoning Home – successfully Greenlit

Phoning Home - after few days the game was successfully Greenlit. It took only 10 days and this nice game with robots managed to get Greenlit. Congratulations to the developer Marko Dieckmann! Now it's time to give fans more information, screens...

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Phoning Home – getting Greenlit soon?

Phoning Home is an indie game with fantastic robot which will of course remind you of E.T. or Wall-E. Which is not bad at all and the graphics and music in the trailer is simply fantastic. Yesterday Phoning Home has crossed the Top 100 threshold and ...