Out of Reach

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Out of Reach – new update

Out of Reach - developers recently released a new updated together with 20% discount on Steam. Is it enough to attract new players? Space Boat Studios tries hard to get the attention of fans and new players. Now new content update with gliders (remin...

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Joei’s PVP experience

Let me publish my findings regarding current PVP in Out of Reach. As I have stated in Joei's PVE Adventure, not many people are playing this game at the moment, so the information are not just from my personal experince, but also from interviews with...

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Out of Reach – JOEi’s PvE adventure

Do you know ARK: Survival Evolved game? Do not even think about trying Out of Reach, it is quite similar, but a lot worse in every aspect. It feels like ARK version 0.01. And most importantly - noone really plays it, which is state unacceptable for a...

5.5 Average
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Out of Reach – Early Access and news

It's been quite a while when we informed you about this game. But now the game is available for all of you who wish to play and support its development on Steam's Early Access. It seems like those of you who love Indie scene and mainly sandbox mmorpg...

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Out of Reach – about the game

Out of Reach - about the game. It's more than possible that you have missed this game. Or at least is unknown to you. Recently there are many sandbox like games in development by indie studios. And OoR is one of them made by Polish Space Boat St...