The Room VR Review Oculus Quest

The Room VR: A Dark Matter Review (Oculus Quest)

For people who love real-life escape room games, or puzzle video games, The Room VR: A Dark Matter is a must-own game on the Oculus Quest. From the unique puzzle gameplay mechanics to the incredibly realistic sound effects and intuitive object intera...

7.5 Good
Time Stall Review Cover

Time Stall Review: Stop Time, Save the Ship (Oculus Quest)

With superb voice acting, a humorous story, and inventive puzzle gameplay mechanics, Time Stall is one of the best Puzzle games we've ever reviewed on the Oculus Quest. If you're a fan of escape-the-room games, or puzzle games like 999 or Virtue's La...

8 Great
VR: More Than Gaming Hardware

VR: More Than Just Gaming Hardware

In this short article, I'll be exploring VR and how it impacts contemporary society in ways that go beyond gaming. The world of VR gaming has somewhat of a niche audience. Some love it, others don't quite see the point of it, and some just don't have...

People in front of GDC (Credit: GDC)

PlayStation and Oculus Pull Out of GDC Due to Coronavirus

More and more companies are pulling out of events due to the coronavirus outbreak, like PlayStation skipping PAX East. Recently Facebook and PlayStation have announced that both companies will not attend this year's Game Developers Conference which i...

Oculus Rift S Review

Virtual reality is the future and now is a good time to jump aboard the train. Oculus is one of the companies that are at the forefront of that future and their newest lineup of devices has something for everyone at a really competitive price. The te...

9.2 Amazing