A Mexican Take on Zelda: Mulaka Developer Interview

Inspired by Zelda, Assasin's Creed, Darksiders and more, Mulaka was one of the best indie games featured at Tokyo Game Show 2018. We sat down with Director of Lienzo, Edgar Serrano and talked about everything Mulaka. From the similarities of the art ...

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Mulaka releases ‘Thank You’ Trailer

The team at Lienzo, developers of Mulaka, were blessed with an incredible amount of support from the community following the launch of their game and created a brand new trailer to thank everyone for the constant outpour of kind words and reception. ...

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Mulaka Review (PS4)

What do you get when you combine the base gameplay of Zelda with a backdrop of rich culture from Tarahumara? You get Mulaka, the new indie 3D action-adventure title! But does Mulaka live up to its influencer? Find out in our review! INTRO For a long ...

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