Outbuddies Review: 6 Years in the Making

After 6 long years, Outbuddies has come forth. Inspired by the likes of Axiom Verge and Super Metroid, this passion project propels the Metroidvania to new heights—underground. With emphasis on underwater gameplay and a collection of otherworldly too...

7.5 Good

Feudal Alloy Review

Attu is an ordinary robot controlled by a fish. He enjoys his daily life of helping others. When trouble arrives to his peaceful existence, Attu decides that it's up to him to take back the peaceful days of yesterday. Join him with Feudal Alloy in hi...

6.5 Fair

Timespinner Review

Go back, go forward, and even stop time in this narrative-heavy Metroidvania title many years in the making. Lunais is next in line to be her clan's Time Guardian, an honor of the highest caliber with worldly significance. During a ceremony honoring ...

7 Good

Mortal Manor Review

Missing out on the classics of the NES era? Mortal Manor may be the time portal you require! Ruthless in its difficulty, yet polished in its mechanics, fight your way through hoards of fantastic creatures as you explore the ruins of a decrepit region...

8.5 Great

A Robot Named Fight Review

A battle between machine and flesh! Take control of a robot named Fight and blast through an army of fleshy abominations, led by the mystical Megabeast. Upgrade your arsenal, scour for goodies, and try not to die in this ruthless, randomized journey ...

7 Good

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