Maneater Review: Muddy Waters (Switch)

Maneater comes to the Nintendo Switch in a surprisingly good package. With all the collectathon fun of the original now in portable form, is it worth the visual downgrade? One thing is for certain, though: swimming around as a shark is great fun on t...

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Maneater review - Repetitive underwater fun (PS4) - title image

Maneater Review: Repetitive Underwater Fun (PS4)

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, Tripwire Interactive drops Maneater. Play as one of the Ocean's deadliest predators in this unique RPG that manages to deliver on its inherently entertaining premise, while also falling prey to re...

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Maneater Beginner's Tips (Credit: Tripwire Interactive)

Maneater | 5 Beginner’s Tips to Survive

In this guide for Maneater, you will be provided 5 beginner's tips to survive the ocean. Eat everything is one thing, but there is more to it to be on top of the food chain for both land and sea. Here you will learn about the game's world and mechani...

Maneater - 100% complete trophies & achievements list : Heading image

Maneater – 100% Complete Trophies & Achievements List

Embody the fierce power of a bull shark in the shaRkPG, Maneater. Take revenge on pesky humans and your fellow apex predators with our essential achievement list. Tripwire Interactive’s underwater adventure looks to be one of 2020’s outstanding role-...

Maneater: Why This ShaRkPG Deserves You Attention

Maneater: Why This RPG Deserves Your Attention

Maneater is an upcoming RPG that explores what it is to be a man-eating bull shark. Explore the watery depths of the United States, eliminating apex predators and pesky shark hunters. This game needs to be on your radar and here’s why. Just when you...