Jurassic World Evolution

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Game in Jurassic World Evolution

If you enjoy the latest Jurassic Park video game, Jurassic World Evolution, and want to administrate your park(s) as a pro and make the most out of it, these 5 Tips are for you. Jurassic World Evolution is the latest video game from the Jurassic Park...

Jurassic World Evolution Review

The Jurassic franchise is taking over the world! Dinosaurs are back in a big way, from the silver screen and now on your PC's with Jurassic World Evolution. It's been a long wait for another park management simulator set in the universe. Was it worth...

8.8 Great
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Jurassic World Evolution Review (PS4)

Jurassic World Evolution is the ultimate dinosaur themed park simulator. Based off the legendary movie franchise with many ties to the upcoming release, take control of the island, search for fossils, extract the DNA from within, and make dinosaurs t...

9.5 Amazing
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Jurassic World Evolution and Frontier News Round-Up

On October 7th 2017 developers, Frontier, hosted their first-ever Frontier Expo, bringing over 1,000 people from the Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution communities together for one massive event at London's Olympic Park. At ...