Do Video Game Leaks Damage a Game's Momentum? - KeenCast Ep. 16

Do Leaks Damage a Game’s Momentum? – Keen Cast Ep. 16

On the sixteenth episode of Keen Cast, Sean, David, and Tim determine whether or not video game leaks damage a title's momentum before release. We also talk about those Overwatch 2 reports, the never-ending controversy surrounding Fallout 76, and a l...

Was Blizzard Wrong? - Keen Cast Ep. 14

Was Blizzard Wrong? – Keen Cast Ep. 14

In Keen Cast's fourteenth episode, David, Sean, and Tim determine whether or not Blizzard was wrong with the way it handled a pro Hearthstone player's comments regarding the Hong Kong protests. We also talk about more PlayStation 5 news, Doom Eternal...

The Terminator and Joker Are Coming to Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 has revealed new characters that are included in the Kombat Pack DLC. The roster includes iconic characters such as Terminator T-800, as well as DC Comics Joker. The characters will have a staggered release with T-800 coming this Oct...

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