Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima "would start from zero" for a Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima “would start from zero” for a Death Stranding Sequel

Hideo Kojima, head and founder of Kojima Productions, as well as the creator of the Metal Gear franchise, is said that he's open to a Death Stranding sequel. It may take a while though, as he'd want to start again from the ground up. Whilst talking t...

Death Stranding is Not Simply A Fed Ex Simulator

Death Stranding Is Not Simply A FedEx Simulator

Many are uncertain as to whether Death Stranding is the game for them. Is it really just a FedEx simulator? Is Death Stranding boring? These are questions that have sadly dominated the conversation around the game. To a degree, they are understandab...

80 Minutes of Death Stranding Will Be Shown at Tokyo Game Show

Death Stranding will be at Tokyo Game Show with 80 minutes of content. Spread across two days, Kojima Productions have announced that they will be showing material for the game, however it is unclear as to what specifically will be shown. Hideo Kojim...

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