Disintegration Hands-On Preview

Disintegration Hands-On Preview: Hybrid Hostilities

Disintegration may not transform the way we play video games, but it does have potential to revitalize a genre that tends to play things safe much too often. Destiny and Halo fans should read on to discover why this first-person shooter/real-time str...

Are More Microsoft Exclusives Coming to Switch?

The Switch already has an amazing lineup of software, and it looks like it could become even better. According to recent rumors, a number of Xbox-exclusive games could be on their way to Nintendo's hybrid console. Some of them may be revealed at the ...

Top Ten Most Beautiful Game Soundtracks

Top 10 Most Beautiful Game Soundtracks

The most beautiful music in entertainment is often found in the medium of videogames. Criminally going by unnoticed by the wider world, videogames have spawned a beautiful library of stunning musical efforts. Given the wide variety of themes handled ...

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