Floodland Review: Complex Expansion Survival

Floodland Review – Complex Expansion Survival

Floodland puts you in the uncomfortable position of making tough decisions with limited resources. Trying to grow a society with different personalities and goals will have you think carefully about your next move. While it isn’t always obvious what ...

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Floodland: Interview With Director Kacper Kwiatkowski

An Interview with Floodland director Kacper Kwiatkowski. Floodland is releasing on november 15th and it's promising to be a great survival and city building game with a twist on the setting, as it is not post-apocalyptic like you may expect, but in w...

Floodland Preview - Rebuilding Civilization Slowly (PC)

Floodland Preview – Rebuilding Civilization Slowly (PC)

Floodland does an excellent job in creating the foundations of a survival game that makes you think. You must manage the behaviour of several survivors while ensuring that everyone gets enough resources to survive. The mechanics can take some time to...