Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Why Far Cry 3 Is Still The Best In The Franchise

Why Far Cry 3 Is Still The Best In The Franchise

To this day, Far Cry 3 remains one of the best in the series, redefining the gaming industry. Far Cry 3 gave us some of the most unforgettable Villains, storyline and intense character build. In this article, let's look back into what made Far Cry 3 ...

Do We Need Another Far Cry

Do We Need Another Far Cry?

Far Cry is a well-known name nowadays, but there was a time it was considered an indie title. The series not only turned into one of the most successful franchises of the past decade, but it also indirectly gave birth to some new franchises and even ...

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Farcry 3: Blood Dragon soon to be free on UPlay

The critically acclaimed Farcry 3: Blood Dragon will soon be made free for a month on Ubisoft's PC gaming platform, UPlay. The title will also be a part of Xbox's Games with Gold program in the second half of this month. Will you be soaking yourse...