Which Games Deserve a Television Series Next?

The Witcher has proven to be a major success for Netflix. The question is: what games are deserving of a television adaptation next? We at KeenGamer will be taking a look at five video game series that truly deserve a TV show of their very own. The r...

The Outer Worlds Review: Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds Review (PS4): Greed Is Good

The Outer Worlds manages to step out from underneath the shadow of the Fallout franchise and offers an experience that's quite unlike anything else the galaxy has seen this console generation. The game's themes may evoke capitalism and corporate gree...

9 Amazing
Fallout 76

Bethesda Game Studios: What Happened to the Once-Great Game Developer?

Bethesda has been struggling over the last couple of years with falling sales & disappointing releases. Fallout 76 has pushed the question of quality to the forefront of the industry and what should be considered a sellable product. What has happened...

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