Early access

ScourgeBringer Preview: Dashing Through Early Access

Anything you can imagine, all of it is in danger of complete annihilation. You are the last hope to the survival of all existence. Take down the Scourge and return peace to a land ravaged by chaos. ScourgeBringer, now in Early Access, brings you dash...

Realms of Magic Preview

Realms of Magic Early Access Preview: Not So Magical

Early access title Realms of Magic may look similar to games like Terraria, but in truth it's more of a standard RPG that also happens to have crafting. 2 years since its debut on the platform, a lot of work is still needed to turn this into a polish...

Minecraft Earth has Started its Early Access

Minecrafters! Did you sign up for Minecraft Earth's Early Access? If so, then the time for playing might just be upon you. Minecraft Earth has officially started today, in the first two countries, Iceland and New Zealand, but yours might not fall beh...

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