Deep Rock Galactic

Xbox Game Pass September's First Half of Content

Xbox Game Pass: September’s First Half of Content

Xbox Game Pass's catalogue of games continues to grow. Eight games were announced for the first half of September, including a bunch of PC additions, Day One releases and a Heavy Metal rhythm game taking players into the deepest realms of Hell. It...

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Rock Solid! (PC)

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Rock Solid! (PC)

Rock and stone forever! This Deep Rock Galactic review highlights the exciting gameplay full of humorous camaraderie. With a swath of lackluster multiplayer looters to choose from, is Deep Rock a diamond in the rough for the genre? Today’s industry i...

9.5 Amazing

Deep Rock Galactic Rich Atmosphere Guide: What Does it Do?

In this guide, we will go over everything there's to know about the Rich Atmosphere Modifier in Deep Rock Galactic. We will also touch upon what purpose both types of Modifiers, Anomalies, and Hazards serve in the gameplay department. If you have ...