Deceit 2

Deceit 2 Launches Free Demo For All -Matchmaking Issue FIXED!

Deceit 2 Launches Free Demo For All – Matchmaking Issue FIXED!

Deceit 2 demo mode has just been announced and it fixes the game's matchmaking issues. Not only that, but in an attempt to make up for a rather disappointing title, the developers at World Makers have fixed many bugs and implemented new features. The...

Deceit 2 Review - Directionless & Underwhelming

Deceit 2 Review – Directionless and Underwhelming (PC)

This is a review of Deceit 2, covering everything related to gameplay, story, graphics, and more! Following the respectable Deceit, can World Makers put out a sequel that improves on the past? Or will Deceit 2 act as a downgrade? Regardless, we're go...

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